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It’s that time of the year, the temperature is dropping, leaves are changing, and the days are shorter. This means 
that the holidays are around the corner. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving in next week! The thing I love about this year is that it is time to bundle up. Growing up in Michigan and New York, trust me I had to bundle up. Sometimes we had snow as early as Halloween, crazy I know. When I was in college I loved bundling up and going to football games and party hopping on the weekend. When I look back at what I wore to bundle up part of me laughs and the other part misses how comfortable I was. I lived in hoodies, down jackets, leggings, and UGGs.
I have lived in Los Angeles for about eight years and let me tell you, the weather and my fashion sense has changed. Yes, it has taken some time to break me out of my Michigan winter fashion sense, but I am finally there. This year, I am obsessed with chunky sweaters, top knots, and boots for work. On the weekends I have to say that I go back to sweatshirts, leggings, and sneakers. If it gets cold enough, my UGGs will make an appearance.
I am going to give you some examples of what I love and what is in my cart this fall. I will make sure to give some ideas for when you are on a budget like me!



How can you not love a comfy sweater? Every store I go into I always go straight for the sweaters. They are my number 1. You can wear them with leggings or dressed up for work.


I could make the biggest list with shoes, but I included 6 of my favorite styles. I love simple shoes, nothing too fancy. I also love my sneakers, if I could wear them daily, I would.


I have a love/hate relationship with jeans. I actually hate them, but I love when I find the perfect pair that is stretchy and fits perfectly. Then I end up buying a few pairs in different colors. The ones that I have found recently fit perfect under boots.

If you know me, you know looking at these images is pretty much my closet.

One thing that I am working on is creating a new style. I would love to be more adventures. I will get there, and I promise to share my new style and discoveries along the way!

Happy Fall!