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Recently I discovered an awesome new box, The Covet Crate Box. There are so many boxes for makeup and beauty but this one caught my attention, a box specifically for the female boss babe and entrepreneur. How could I say no to that!

A little bit about Covet Crate…

They are a company designed to empower, motivate, and encourage career driven lives. Every box you receive not only includes your fun items but also opportunities. The items you will receive range from office decor, accessories, beauty items, books, discounts, and more. They are truly here to empower you!

September Box Review

When I opened the box I noticed the booklet that was on top of the products. The booklet highlights all of the products and boss ladies inside. Each box is created with a different theme and the September 2017 theme is, Be Persistent.

Do what you really life. Don’t give up easily on your dreams. I know that it’s not going to be easy for you, there wil be times when the life and situations will test you, try to break you.
But like this inspiring success story of J. K. Rowling, you just have to keep moving forward and eventually everything will come into place.
-Vishnu Verma (callingdream.com)

I love that it features each business owner that provided the products that month. It is great that they highlight the hard work put into creating their brands and products.

Now for the exciting part, the products!

Wall Art & Notebook by Bella Adele Co

The products by Bella Adele Co are their own handmade art, from watercolors and hand-drawn foil prints. Both the wall art and notebook are gorgeous.  The notebook is the perfect size to keep at my desk or in a bag when I am attending meetings or workshops. The wall art is the perfect way to decorate your work space either alone or in a frame. Personally, I am not sure that it is something that I will put up in my work space, but it might look great framed in my room or bathroom. After looking at the shop, I absolutely love the gold foil art work!

Handmade Soap by Bubbles & Books

Bubbles & Book’s soap is handmade, cruelty free, and completely naturally. Personally, I am not big on bars of soap, I usually use body wash. This bar of soap smelled amazing, the scent was very strong. This could be cute decor for a bathroom on a fancy dish if you don’t want to use it to wash. It looks great and smells even better!

‘Make Your Idea Matter’ by Bernadette Jiwa

This was probably my favorite product in the box. Lately I have been focused on educating myself and expanding my potential. I am very excited to read this book and share it with my friends, I am really hoping to gain a lot of knowledge.

Make Your Idea Matter is a call to action book for entrepreneurs which makes it perfect for my journey. I am looking forward to use this book as a guide in my next steps as a business owner.






Cell Phone Charm & Detachable Keychain

This was cute! I also love that it detaches. You can attach it to your phone, your bag, other keys, etc., then when you want to run out the door or just carry one key, it detaches! This is great for nights out because sometimes I just need my house key and it is small enough to throw in my clutch. This will come in handy! The only downside is that the iPhone now no longer has a place to attach anything too. I am not sure on other brands but as an iPhone user I won’t be able to use it as a cell phone charm.

Adult Coloring Book: Beautiful Drawings of Women
by Bella Stitt

First, I have to say I wasn’t super excited about this because as a full time employee and an entrepreneur I didn’t thing I would have time. That quickly changed because of the booklet, I read about the coloring book and it says that it is a coping tool that help with depression and anxiety. Now, I am excited to color on my down time because I have struggled with both and I am interested to see how much better I feel after taking a break from my busy lifestyle and become creative in a different way. Now, I just have to pick up some markers or colored pencils on my next Target run!


“Lady Boss” Leatherette Clutch Wallet and Satin Chrome Pen

At first, I was unsure of the clutch because it wasn’t something I immediately thought I could use. After going through the rest of the box I realized that it was perfect for business! This clutch is great for throwing in your bag with a computer, notebook, and other necessities for a meeting or event. The clutch has pockets for your cards and money as well as enough room for business cards, your phone, and even pens. I will be using it this weekend at my first big entrepreneur¬†workshop. I know that I will feel more organized reaching for one thing rather than reaching for a wallet, pen, or business card holder. Plus it comes with a fancy matching pen!

Felt Heart Shaped Bookmark by Jennifer Lesley

This was super cute and handmade which was the best part. It is a little heart that fits perfectly over the corner of the page of any book to mark your spot! This is great because when I read I am always looking for something to mark my page, now I finally have something!

Sole Serum by SoleSerum.com

I am excited to try this because I am always the girl wanting to switch to my flats or take a seat when I am out in my heels. I get over my heels so quickly. Sole Serum targets your daily foot pain and provides instant relief for up to two hours. It is also the perfect size to fit in my purse or my clutch when I am out.





Overall, I think this box is very fun. I am not sure that September would be my absolute favorite from all of the past months photos I have seen. I do have to say that this is a great idea, and the best part is that is supports other women just like myself who are working hard.

The Cost: $94.95 for the Lady Boss Box, $54.95 for the Girl Boss Box


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