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First, I am going to start with saying that I am not a professional hairstylist. I am an everyday working woman who loves to learn new things. Recently, I was lucky enough to learn how to use a curling wand and create the beach waves and curls that I see everywhere. My friend and business partner, Kayla Kayyy, sat with me and taught me how to create the perfect curl. Keep a look out because she will be creating the a tutorial soon to teach you have to do it too!

My hair is finally getting longer after years of growing it out. I have noticed lately that I have two styles; messy beach waves and a top knot. I love to have messy beach waves one day, and the next I have the perfect about of volume to create the perfect top knot. I have created a win win situation for my hair.

How To Create Beach Waves

Before I start the beach waves I make sure to use a hair serum to help create shine and eliminate frizz. I started using Herstyler’s Argan Oil Hair Serum. This hair serum is Argan Oil with Provitamin E formula for healthier hair and instant shine.

To create the beach waves I section my hair and do pieces at a time. You can do big or small sections, I base it on the amount of time I have and what size curl I am going for. To create the wave you point the wand down and wrap the hair around it starting at the root. Please make sure that you wear the glove that comes with your wand, you don’t want to burn your fingers!


Once I have finished the curls I make sure to complete it with a hair spray. Next, I mess it up a little bit and add some volume with back combing.

I am so thankful that I was able to learn how to use the wand and create the quick and easy waves that I have always wanted to do!




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