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Have you ever wanted to do something so bad but you weren’t exactly sure how it was going to happen? That is exactly what happened to Kayla and I recently. A few months ago we started seeing billboards all over LA that BeautyCon was coming up. Kayla said to me that if we went, she wanted to receive an invite from a cosmetic company. It was a dream and a goal that she had. She wanted to work hard to enough and show that she takes her career serious as a hair stylist and make up artist.


Days before the event Kayla received an email about BeautyCon. The email read “You’ve been selected for the BeautyCon LA with Sephora Project.” It happened, she got her invite from a cosmetic company and the best part was that we were able to attend as a team. BeautyCon was new experience for us both as individuals and as a team. We made a plan and we executed together!



Our first stop was Sephora. We made sure to chat with the girls at the booth and learn about the Beauty Insider Community, and get free goodies! Of course, we also took photos at their photo booth, they even had a few ring lights we could use. They were such a great group to work with.



Networking was the biggest part of our day. Kayla is up and coming and we are building Kayla Kayyy Glam together which means a lot of networking. We met so many great people and we were also introduced to new brands. One of the reasons I enjoy PR is because I am passionate about supporting others achieve their goals. 

We made it a point to meet face to face with brands that we want to build relationships with and work with in the future. 

It is important to remember that networking is not selling. Networking is about building relationships. Focus on keeping those relationships alive. This can lead to more opportunities and stronger connections.


Fun & Shopping

If you have been following Kayla and I on our journey you know that we love to shop and have fun. We made sure to enjoy our time at BeautyCon. We did some shopping, tested some new products, and took a lot of photos.


We had the best time together and it was the first giant step on our journey. I couldn’t ask to have a better friend or woman beside me as we build together and focus on one goal.


“It was amazing how many people of all walks of life; race, gender, and sexual orientation could be in the same place, enjoying the same thing. I truly felt like I was in a sale place. And…I have never seen so many snatched brows on so many people in one room!” – Kayla